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Toll Free Traveller: An Interview with Dango Design User

February 20, 2023

Gripper Mount Kit Dango Design Motorcycle
We recently spoke to Rohlith the ‘Toll Free Traveller’ about his life on motorcycles and creating content as a motorcycle adventure creator. From travelling across India to riding the NC500 route in Scotland, he has experienced the world from a motorbike and captured it through his action camera. After finally being able to find a Dango Design Helmet Gripper, he was able to test it out on his recent trip to the UK (read further for his thoughts on the product). 


Tell us about how you first got into motorcycling

I've been fascinated by motorcycles from a very early age. But, given the road safety situation in India - or lack thereof to be more precise - owning and riding a motorcycle is something that is usually best avoided. Like most people in India, my experiences began from the perspective of commuting convenience, but I quickly realised that being on a motorcycle was something that I looked forward to even if I was just riding in chaotic Indian traffic. My first long-distance tour on a motorcycle was the turning point, when I discovered the absolute freedom that becomes possible when travelling on a motorcycle. There's been no looking back ever since, and I now spend a majority of my time touring across India and other countries across the world on two wheels.


How would you describe your perfect day on the bike?

I'm someone who enjoys slow travel and embracing new experiences. One of the reasons I love being on a motorcycle is that it allows me the freedom to stop wherever I want and explore numerous detours too. So, the ideal day on a motorcycle, for me, would involve exploring unfamiliar routes and meeting new people. I would, of course, love to be able to do this on a motorcycle that is exciting and engaging to ride too!

Motorcycle Adventure Bike Riding Dango Gripper

How would you capture that 'perfect day' for YouTube/Instagram?

I enjoy being able to document my travels and experiences in order to be able to relive them for myself at a later point, as well as share them with others. I use a mix of video and photography to capture landscapes, people, interactions, and my own thoughts over the course of a day. When I stitch these content pieces together into a visual story subsequently, I aim to not only offer viewers a glimpse of what I may have experienced, but also plant a seed of curiosity or inspiration that may lead them to embark on adventures of their own in the future.


Do you prefer going on long trips or day long trips? Why?

Personally, I have a bias towards longer trips. Motorcycles are a means to my larger objective to be able to see more of the world, and most of my time on two wheelers is spent exploring new routes in different parts of the world. That having been said, I was introduced to the green lanes and trail routes in England and Wales during my recent tour in the UK. It was easy to see the appeal of day long trips on these challenging and scenic routes and I do hope to be able to do more of that if my travels bring me back to the United Kingdom again.

Secure Adventure Dango Gripper Mount

Would you agree that riding with others is better than by yourself?

A lot of my motorcycling has revolved around solo travel. Given that I have this tendency to head off on unplanned tours for months together, it is quite hard to match schedules with anyone else. The independence of solo travel is quite liberating, and I've grown quite habituated to being the master of my own destiny. I do, of course, enjoy the occasional ride with a group of like-minded people, but I'm unlikely to be able to sustain that format of riding or touring in the long run.


How do you feel about the Dango Gripper as a product for video creators?

I discovered the Dango Gripper online a few years ago, but I never had the chance to try it since it wasn't available in India. I finally got my hands on one courtesy of Greg, who was kind enough to give me his after seeing me struggle with traditional GoPro mounts during my ride in the UK. It has become my default GoPro Mount ever since, when I'm riding my motorcycle and otherwise too. The Gripper is a sturdy and reliable mount that unlocks a whole new level of possibilities for a creator because of how easy it is to mount and remove. I have used it as a helmet mount, a backpack strap mount, a "jaw" type mount on my motorcycle, as well as on cars, boats, and other reasonably demanding situations. In every one of these situations, it has performed without fault. The ability to switch between landscape and portrait shooting positions with a simple twist is another noteworthy feature that I find myself using more often than I'd expected. The Dango Gripper is, without doubt, the best GoPro mount that I’ve used so far!


Would you recommend the product to other bikers?

The simple answer is YES! I would recommend it without hesitation to motorcyclists and anyone who enjoys filming in the outdoors as its utility extends far beyond just biking.

Dango Design Gripper Mount Motorcycle

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