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Dango Design QuickFire Mini-LED Helmet Light

  • Dango Design QuickFire is an ultra-compact, lightweight, and bright LED light kit. When paired with a Gripper Mount, it will quickly light up any trail, campsite, or hard-to-see area. The external lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides enough power to run the light for over 3 hours in high mode. The dual-function button on the rear of the light makes selecting the modes easy while also displaying the current battery life. The QuickFire can be used as a stand-alone light or paired with other lights to provide excellent light coverage..

    . Ultra-low profile and strong lightweight aluminum
    . 3 hours + in high power mode
    . High Power Light Output at 2,100 Lumens
    . Long-lasting rugged rechargeable battery
    . Three light output power settings
    . Four battery power level indicators
    . Quick attach to Gripper Mount / GoPro Mount compatible
    . Includes Mini Light, Battery, Charger and Required Hardware.
  • Included
    1. Action Camera Gripper Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kit (select colour)
    1. Adapter Pack

Customer Reviews

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Brilliant piece of kit

small, light & super powerful, long lasting battery also.