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The Perfect Tool to Capture Your Riding Adventures

January 20, 2023

Action cameras have revolutionized the world of video and photos since the release of the first digital GoPro in 2006. These compact, lightweight cameras have been the perfect device for adventure seekers looking to capture content to share with a camera that can fit in their pocket.

In today’s market there is a huge range of action camera options with such a wide price range, there’s one for every budget. The higher end cameras have made some excellent advances, now offering a comprehensive list of features with each new model.

Recent development in GoPro models have allowed for video stabilization within the camera, 5K video shooting and LCD displays – all featured in the Hero 10 and 11 series cameras. These changes mean that the camera can do a lot of the work for you and you can simply enjoy the ride.

Image Helmet Dango Design Gripper Chin Mount Attached Helmet

Although these GoPro action cameras were originally targeted products at extreme water sports athletes, it is evident that a number of motorcyclists now use them for blogging, creating YouTube videos or simply sharing to their own personal social media accounts.

Looking at the ways many of these users mount the GoPro, it is obvious to see that attaching the camera to a motorcycle helmet is quite popular, most likely to get a point of view shot showing exactly what the rider was looking at while filming.

With that being said, there are not a lot of options for mounting these cameras to a helmet. Many of these are sticker type, or permanent attachments, which aren’t the ideal option if you’re looking to change the angles throughout your ride or not wanting to leave big sticker marks on your helmet.

The Dango Design Helmet Gripper is made for shooting videos and photos. Using this mount, you can get that exact point of view footage that you’re looking for without sticking a mount directly onto your helmet.

Helmet Dango Design Red Gripper Chin Mount

By attaching your action camera to the chin area of a full face motorcycle helmet, the Dango Gripper uses a spring loaded jaw that allows the mount and camera to be easily removed or adjusted. It also allows you to clip your camera to different parts of your motorcycle or accessories to get a variety of interesting angles.

Reasons to choose Dango Designs Gripper Mount

  • - Perfect FPV view
  • - Suitable for 99% of helmets
  • - Suitable for motocross / adventure / road riding
  • - Strong & durable design
  • - Easy to attach & remove
  • - 2-axis rotation for flexible & quick adjustment
  • - Shooting in landscape or portrait mode

Another important factor in choosing a Gopro motorcycle helmet mount is safety. As discussed above, it is quite common for action camera mounts to use adhesive pads which mean the camera is permanently attached to the helmet. In case of an accident or other issue, this could be a risk and has therefore been banned from most motorsports around the world. The Dango Design Gripper Mount is not permanently affixed and may detach in an accident which may reduce the risk of injury compared to other motorcycle helmet action camera mounts.

If you are looking for the best motorcycle helmet action camera mount or motorcycle GoPro helmet mount then look no further than the Dango Design Gripper Mount!

Dango Gripper Mount Black Country Ultra Secure

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